RefTeX is a package for managing Labels, References, Citations and index entries with GNU Emacs

MRefTeX extends citations support with:

  1. Reference Manager format (.ris)

  2. EPrints3 XML format (.epr)

  3. METS/MODS format (.mets)

  4. RefDB external database

  5. EPrints3 external database


The tarball is available Here

or you can download latest version from repository:

svn co
cd trunk
sudo make install

If something goes wrong, please file a bug report

Usage MRefTeX with .ris, .epr, .mets files

MRefTeX works with .ris, .epr, .mets files the same way as RefTeX.

In order to create a citation, user presses C-c keys. MRefTeX then prompts for a regular expression which will be used to search through the database files and presents the list of matches to choose from.

Database file (with name defined in \bibliography{…} macro should be present in current directory (the same as LaTeX document). If there is more than one file, MRefTeX will search directory according to sequence of types and extensions defined on reftex-file-extensions variable (default search order is: .bib, .ris, .epr, .mets).

After creating LaTeX document you can generate bibliography using MPybTeX in a standard way:

latex foo
latex foo
mpybtex foo
latex foo

Usage MRefTeX with external databases.

You can add citations from external bibliography databases to your LaTeX document. Two types of external databases are supported: RefDB and EPrints3.

First step is to tell MRefTeX what are their names, and how to communicate them. You need to customize variable reftex-ext-bibliography-databases in Reftex Citation Support customized group:

  1. To configure RefDB citation database, you have to:

    1. type database name

    2. set database type to RefDB

    3. set to t Active? flag

    4. install RefDB search client

  2. To configure EPrints3 citation database, you have to:

    1. type database name

    2. set database type to Eprints http

    3. set to t Active? flag

    4. type URL to the main page of your EPrints3 system.

    5. install EPrints3 search client - EPfind

    6. make sure that MRefTeX can run it - default command is: python -m epfind. If required, configure reftex-epfind-command variable.

Seconds step is to ensure that menu option Disable External Databases is switched off, which means that reftex-use-external-databases variable value is set to t.

This options allows you to temporary disable database usage, in case of having both externals databases and files definitions in \bibliography{…} macro.